Podcast interview with Stig Peterson on taking the RPA fast track

Stig Peterson shares what he is currently doing with automation. Starting with a proof of concept he took the initiative to proceed and tested the technology to understand how it could work in Topdanmark’s environment. Episode overview:Stig quickly saw success, so much so that he established a team

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PEX Network launch podcast series

PEX Network’s has recently launched a new podcast series, featuring personal conversations about business with key industry leaders. 15 episodes are already live on the iTunes App & Google Play or available to listen on the PEX Network Website, the series is already making waves in the process

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RPA & AI Live 2017 – Round up

RPA & AI Live 2017 – The largest digital event platform providing hand-picked case studies and thought leadership presentations on RPA & AIVartul Mittal delves into the Hugh impact created by RPA & AI Live 2017 EventMany consider RPA as the ‘new kid on the block’ when compared with the

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10 key steps ensure that your Business Process Management system will be used

All organisations and teams investing a great deal of time and money in their Business Process Management system want to know that will be used by its intended audience.Over many years of working with hundreds of organisations implementing a BPM system, I have identified the 10 key steps to ensure

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The emerging role of business architects in 2017

The emerging role of business architects in 2017 will be to encourage organizations to “be good” versus “look good.”  I recently worked with one of the top 10 executives of a Fortune 100 organization.  After several months, I recognized a pattern.  Monthly, the leader and direct reports presented a

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Podcast interview with Jean Francois Gagne on how AI is redefining processes

Jean Francois Gagne shares what artificial intelligence (AI) is doing for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everyone in between. He says that no matter the size of the team, you need to involve multiple groups in the process of understanding what AI can do for you in continuous improvement. 

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The four domains of business architecture

In June 2017, the Business Architecture Guild released it 6.0 edition of its business architecture framework, A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® known in short as the BIZBOK® guide. This edition builds on the previous editions and adds more depth and expansion to the contents.

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Process variations: the dirty little secret of process management

With globalization, rapid technological innovations and more educated, empowered consumers, the challenges of operating and growing a business are becoming increasingly complex. Even relatively small companies now often sell in to different countries, operate in multiple regulatory environments and

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Why BPM projects fail so often

I have been responsible for a great many business process management (BPM) project turn-around efforts. Companies can get into projects that they are simply not prepared for and need help turning them around. The fact is that we all bite off more than we can chew at times. That has given me a

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The six silver linings from making an error

Errors are not generally viewed in a positive light. From childhood, we are taught to aim for perfection and avoid mistakes – schools can make a point of punishing errors; when we are older bosses can threaten to fire employees if they make an inadvertent mistake.The resultant aversion to errors

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